Tour service

  • Urban and Inter-Urban Transfers
  • Farsi language as well as English language guide during the tour
  • Visit the tourist attractions and attractions of the city

The starting point of the tour: Montreal opposite Sultan Travel Co., West Sherbrooke Street, 5518, H4A1W2

The cost of admission of tourist attractions on the Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara, 3-days tour:

Tourist attractionAdultChildChildTeenageOld (more than 65 years)
Historical museum of Canada20 dollars(aged 3 to 12) 12 dollarsLess than 2
Aged 13 to 16
20 dollars
20 dollars
CN Tower42 dollars(aged 4 to 12) 31 dollarsLess than 3
Aged 13 to 16
37 dollars
38 dollars
Casaloma27 dollars(aged 3 to 13) 17 dollarsLess than 3
Aged 14 to 17
22 dollars
22 dollars
Cruise of thousand islands28 dollars(aged 5 to 12)
13 dollars
Less than 4
Aged 13 to 16
28 dollars
24 dollars
Niagara tour package59 dollars(aged 4 to 12) 35 dollarsLess than 3
Aged 13 to 16
59 dollars
59 dollars

Rates are valid until July 2019.

Study the rules of Canadian domestic tours and with respect to it help us organize the tour better.

Read the terms and conditions of the tour.

Article 1- Coordinating with the tour and the tour leader: If you do not attend the tour or the hours that the tour guide announces during the tour for coordination, you will be compensate for physical and moral damages.

Article 2 – Meals in the car: Meals are not allowed on the car, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Article 3: Force Majeure: In case of flood, earthquake, fire, tsunami, volcano, hail or severe storm, war, armed conflict, strike, rebellion and tourist attacks, etc., which is not at the disposal of Sultan Travel, the tour operator will be denied the right to proceed or continue the tour, and the tour guide will plan and coordinate with Sultan Travel. (No vital and financial damages will be incurred by Sultan Travel.)

Article 4: Cancelling Penalty: There is no possibility of changing the date or name (the replacement of another person instead of you), and if a cancelling is made by a passenger, the following offenses will be applied:

  • Up to 31 days before the move: 5% of the tour amount
  • 15 to 30 days before the move: 20% of the tour amount
  • From 14 days to 8 days before the move: 50% of the tour amount
  • 7 days left to move: full fuel

* In case of being late at the time of departure, the total amount of fuel is refunded.

Article 5 – Hotel conditions: In case of consumption of food in the hotel room, the amount will be paid by the passenger (in the hotel), and in case of any damage caused by passengers to the hotel, the damage will be calculated by the hotel and the passenger is bound to pay.

Article 6 – Specific conditions for the tour: Changes to the tour hours may occur due to some unforeseen circumstances, such as weather and traffic constraints or the imposition of immediate rules by the municipalities or the Canadian Government, or some programs of the tours interchanged or some tour places are not available, but in any case, Sultan Travel will guarantee the quality of the tour.

Article 7 – Tour Limit: If the number of registered passengers does not reach 12, the Sultan of Travel will be allowed to cancel the tour.

Obviously, the amount paid by the passengers is exactly refunded to them.

Article 8 – Changing the tour rate: The tour rate can vary in different months. In addition, the tour rate may be increased appropriately according to the remaining days until the tour started.

Article 9 – What services are included in the tour? Transportation, one night stay at the hotel (in more than one day tours), and Farsi-language guide is part of a tour service.

Article 10 – What does not the tour include? Costs of entering to touristic places, food and personal expenses, life insurance, travel insurance and taxes (TAX) are not included in the tour service.

Note: If you are not interested in buying tourist tickets for personal or physical reasons, during the hours when other travelers are visiting tourist places you should wait outside the vehicle.

Article 11 – Entry tickets: Any tickets which was not bought from Sultan Travel will not be accepted by the Sultan of Travel, and no liability will be accepted in this regard.

Article 12 – Infant conditions: People under the age of 2 (newborns) will not have seats, but the cost of entry to the tour places should be paid if they are accrued.

Article 13 – Acceptance of the registration for tour: Only if a full payment is made, the registration of the tour validated and the tour will be started.

Article 14 – Miss, Lose or Separate from the tour: If the passenger is separated from the tour for any reason and without coordinating with the tour guide, the responsibility and expense of re-entering to the tour or any other consequences is for the passenger and Sultan Travel is not responsible for this. (In case of a request for departure from the tour, the passenger must complete and sign a special letter.)

Article 15 – Loss of Equipment: Sultan Travel is not responsible for the loss of travel documents, items, money or expensive items of passengers, or lack of insurance, and responsibility for the maintenance of personal things belongings to passengers.

Article 16 – Amount of entries: Paying the cost of entries is the responsibility of the passengers and any increase in entry rates, even if mentioned lately on the site of the Sultan Travel is up to passengers. (Because the increase in entries’ fees in some cases are without prior notice).

Article 17 – Identity Documents: Travelers must be accompanied by all their identity documents and their companions, which may be requested by the hotel, police, government, etc.

Article 18 – Questions before travel: Travelers must ask any questions or doubts regarding the rules and conditions of the tour from the domestic tours registration attendant before travelling. Sultan Travel will be pleased to provide the necessary advice in this regard.

Article 19 – Interpretation of the provisions of the tour rules: Ultimately, the Sultan Travel has the right to final interpret of the clauses and conditions of the tour.

Article 20 – Visa: Travelers may need a visa to travel to certain countries, depending on their circumstances. In such circumstances, the traveler must have already obtained the visa of the target country, otherwise the Sultan Travel is not responsible, and any cancelling or the impossibility of using the tour, in accordance with Article 4 and the timetable may cause the full refund of the money.

Article 21 – Travel Insurance: The Sultan Travel requires passengers to have their travel insurance prior to travel, otherwise they will not be liable to any financial and personal injury. You can do your insurance through this address.

Article 22 – Terms of the Contract: The reservation and purchase of a tour that is done through the Sultan Travel will be the notification and acceptance of all the terms and conditions specified for the tour.

First Day Travel Program:

  • At 8 o’clock in the morning, we start our tour in front of Sultan Travel Co., and after 2 hours we will arrive at Ottawa city and visit the tourist attractions of this city including the Parliament Hill, the Peace Tower and the centennial flame.
  • After lunch, we will go toward a Thousand Islands and there, if the weather is favorable, we will have a one-hour tour with a ship between the small and big islands.
  • Then we will go straight to Toronto and you will be taken to the hotel after arrival.

Second Day Travel Program:

  • We will go to Niagara, and use its tour package to visit Skylon (160-meter tower), cruise ship and trip to the heart of the waterfall, and you will watch the film about the history of the Niagara Falls in IMAX cinema. At Niagara, you will visit various markets and take your memorable photos, and visit the Maryland Park at the 3.5-hour tour, with dolphins, killer whales and sea lions. Then go to the hotel and have free time to rest or walk outside.

Third Day Travel Program:

  • We will head to downtown of Toronto city and visit the 553-meter-height CN Tower of Toronto and see the entire Toronto and the Lake from above it. (Those who like to visit the aquarium can do it in the same place instead of CN Tower). We will also visit Casaloma Palace in Toronto, and see the secret passageways of the castle, large rooms and more.
  • After lunch we go toward Montreal and we will arrive there at night.