Canada Supre Visa

Canada Super Visa, is a visa that a resident in Canada who has a permanent residence or a Canadian passport can apply for her/him parents, grandfather or grandmother.

Super Visa is issued as a 10-year and multiple-entry visa. However, due to a 5-year limit on issuing Iranian passports, the credit will be equal to the validity of the passport, and the holder can stay there for up to 2 years on every arrival in Canada. Notice that the invitee, which is the child or grandchild, should have the conditions in accordance with immigration regulations of the Canadian Immigration Bureau.

Evidence such as tax assessment forms (T4 and T1), a PR card image or Canadian passport, living documents, and proof of income of at least $ 24,000 per year are among the conditions that the invitee must have.

Indeed, given the fact that parents or grandparents do not qualify for residence for reasons of physical or age nature, the Canadian government has provided parents with an “easy stay” for the purpose of establishing super visa facilities, and along with their children, and their loved ones will share in this pleasure.

  • All documents must be translated into English and have the official seal of the official translator.
  • It is necessary to hand in the individual and family forms together with the documents.
Type of serviceAdultsLess than 14Definitions
Tourist Visa (Normal)400 dollars350 dollarsIf you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted. (Adult only)
Tourist visa with official invitation700 dollars650 dollarsIn case of non-issuance of a visa, the amount of 400 dollars is deducted and the rest will be refunded.
Super Visa (Parents Special)400 dollars——–If you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted.
Student Visa550 dollars——–The rate does not include admission from the university, and admission will have a separate rate.
(Visa services are provided through our offices outside Canada)

The things we do for you

  • Review your documents and report possible deficiencies and eventually complete them
  • Completion of personal and family forms as well as other required forms (according to the traveler’s requirements)
  • Prepare a tourist invitation from Canada with stamp + NOTARY of Travel Plan
  • Official hotel voucher (can be contacted by the embassy)
  • Deposit $ 185 for embassy fees
  • Flight booking to Canada
  • Travel insurance

Canada visa fee table

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