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Canadian visa application is a highly professional process; and if you take action yourself or get the help of non-professionals, the risk of mistakes in setting up your documents and eventually getting your application up by the embassy increases. If you deceive people claiming a “guaranteed visa”, they will make fake documets in order not to be required to return the amounts they received.

This is very dangerous, because the document provided by you is registered with the Canadian Immigration System and may blacken your case until the years, because in such cases, the traveler is unaware about the documents made by individuals, and if you want to apply for an immigrant visa in the future, the whole of your life from the age of 18 to the time you apply for a residence is examined and the necessary documents are required of you, which in most cases, the documents provided with fictitious documents do not correspond to the tourist visa and, in the opinion of the Immigration Office, “counterfeit statements” have been made, which would Make your immigration file difficult. For this reason, you should avoid such people because their claim is either due to ignorance or to be misleading, which in either case would be problematic.

Is your application for a Canadian visa rejected?

Canada will allow you to reapply for a Canadian visa. Those who have been rejected, remember that they were so scared at the time they were waiting for the answer, and they often said to themselves, “If the answer is not quick, it’s a sign that I’m probably not going to be a rejected one,” or with the thought they said: “Nowadays the answers are good and most of the visas are accepted, so my chance to get a visa is high.” , and so on.

But after the answer came, declaring that the Officer was not convinced that ………., they suddenly ran despair, as if the world had come to an end!

Many such people were rushed out without study because of the thinkings like ” the 5-year visa rule may be canceled”, or ” liberal state in Canada replace with extremist one “, rather quickly and rejected again. Many who had been trapped by irresponsible individuals, due to forgery of the document in their case and the presentation of contradictory documents in subsequent acts, have suffered from “offensive” appeals to Offices, and a rejection after the rejection …. !

What is the best way to re-apply and increase the probability of getting visa?

If you have a prior record of rejection and have the intention to re-apply for a Canadian visa, it is advisable to review your case officer’s description before any action, which is recorded in your file when your documents are reviewed by Officer, and is the main reason for rejecting your visa application referred to as “Note Officer”.

You must have seen that when a Canadian visa application is rejected, a sheet is issued as a “Refuse Letter” for the traveler, in which case the rejection is declared with some exact sentences that called “stereotypical”, for example:

“You have not been verified financially”

In such circumstances, we do not know whether the Officer’s order is low compliance, or a sudden increase in the account? And perhaps it meant that the passenger’s compliance would not meet his job or income or ….

Note that getting the Note Officer can specify the exact reason for the rejection, for example (in the example above), can indicate that the officer’s opinion was that the traveler had “3 high value” in his bank print.

In order to get this “Note”, you have to do this with someone in Canada, as a lawyer of you.

Note that this person must be a Canadian citizen or a company registered in Canada. Note can be requested as a CD or by email, and 30 days are required to obtain it.

We can get online “Note Officer” for you.

Canada visa fee table

Type of serviceAdultsLess than 14Definitions
Tourist Visa (Normal)400 dollars350 dollarsIf you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted. (Adult only)
Tourist visa with official invitation700 dollars650 dollarsIn case of non-issuance of a visa, the amount of 400 dollars is deducted and the rest will be refunded.
Super Visa (Parents Special)400 dollars——–If you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted.
Student Visa550 dollars——–The rate does not include admission from the university, and admission will have a separate rate.
(Visa services are provided through our offices outside Canada)

The things we do for you

  • Review your documents and report possible deficiencies and eventually complete them
  • Completion of personal and family forms as well as other required forms (according to the traveler’s requirements)
  • Prepare a tourist invitation from Canada with stamp + NOTARY of Travel Plan
  • Official hotel voucher (can be contacted by the embassy)
  • Deposit $ 185 for embassy fees
  • Flight booking to Canada
  • Travel insurance

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