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One of the main laws in the Canadian Immigration Act, is the immigration process through family relationships, that one of the family members of the applicant is living in Canada )permanent residency or citizenship).

According to the immigration regulations, a resident or citizen in Canada can only sponsor his father, mother, grandfather or grandmother and take to Canada through sponsorship. In fact, sponsorships are referred to as sponsors and invitees of the applicant.

In order to enable Canadian residents or citizens to take their father, mother or grandparents to Canada through their means of immigration, they must:

  • be Permanent Resident or Citizen .
  • be over age of 18 years old.
  • Claim their sponsorship by filling in the relevant forms and formally declaring them.
  • Do not be detained or imprisoned, or convicted, of a type of danger.
  • Do not have a deportation order from Canada.
  • Do not commit specific security or criminal offenses in Canada or outside Canada.
  • Do not declare bankruptcy (it’s okay if the legal period after the bankruptcy has passed).
  • Have no debt to the Canadian government.
  • Finally, have enough income.

Sponsor, in addition to having the necessary conditions (in accordance with the relevant regulations), must be able to prove that it has received reasonable earnings during the last 3 years (from the time the application was sent to the government).

To prove this, only the income stated in the annual tax returns, according to which the TAX has been paid, will be accepted as the basis for judging the financial compensation.

The sponsor must have the financial support of the applicant for up to 20 years, while the applicant (father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother) will not be eligible to use public and financial assistance.

These suuports will not include health services and applicants will receive free medical services (except dentistry and medical glasses) from the moment they enter Canada.

It will be remarkable that if applicants for any reason and with any mechanism, benefit from state social and financial assistance, this assistance will be considered as a sponsor’s debt, and until the time of settlement, they will not be allowed to sponsor another person.


How to apply for parental sponsorship:

Typically, the Canadian Immigration Office will begin registering on its site at the beginning of each year (early January), and applicants will be required to complete the deadline by the end of this month.

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