Illegal work in Canada

Principally, people need license in order to work in Canada, as is customary and in accordance with Canadian immigration regulations, permanent residents or citizens of Canada are allowed to work and live in Canada. If a person works in Canada without a legal license, he usually leaves the country after the arrest, and in some cases he will be punished or imprisoned.

Employers who hire people who don’t have license.

If employers in Canada employ people without license, they will commit illegal acts in accordance with the immigration regulations and will face cash punishment of up to $ 50,000 and imprisonment for up to two years, and the Canadian Labor Office will restrict the use of foreign staff for these employers. And in some cases, according to the rules, the police can record all or part of the property of such employers.

In such cases, employers must prove that, while employing illegal employees, they try and endeavor to obtain the necessary documents, and in the case of falsification of the documents, if they are proven, the employer is unaware of that or deceived, the partial or total exemption was made to them.

So, in the case of employing illegal employees, both employees and employers will be penalized and enforced.

These licenses must be obtained in cases where permanent residents or citizens intend to engage in specific activities in which it require special license.

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