Canadian Tourist Visa

In order to be able to use Canada tours, at the first stage you must get Canada tourist visa.

The Canada country applies visa laws for people intending to enter the country, and the relevant documents must be completed in order to obtain a visa.

The main documents are those that show your dependence on the origin country on the one hand and on the other shows your financial strength during the resistance. Here are some basic documents:

  • Property: You must provide documents of all your immovable property (villa, apartment, land or garden), which belongs to you according to the official documents of the country of origin.
  • Occupation: You must show that you have a valid and acceptable occupation and provide the relevant qualifications.
  • Financial capability: The Canadian Immigration Office expects Canada visa applicants to have enough financial means to meet their usual expenses during the time that they spend in Canada. The amount of this ability has been specified in the “Financial Planning” and “Travel Budget” tables of the Immigration Office.
  • Travel History: For the Canadian Immigration Officer who is in charge of your application, it is very important that various tourist trips are included in your passport.Licensed visa passports (such as Singapore-Korea-Japan-Australia) trips that target European countries are more likely to attract immigration officers.It is necessary to complete the personal and family forms together with the documents.

A complete list of documents required for Canada tourist visas

Identity Documents

  • Original new signed passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, as well as old passports in which they have issued a visa.
  • A piece of 4/5 × 3/5 color photo with bright background (personnel)
  • Translation of identity card
  • Translation of national card
  • Translation of the marriage document
  • Translation of the end of military service card or exemption (for men)
  • Translation of degrees inside Iran
  • Original degrees outside Iran
  • In the case of accompanying children, the enrollment certificate should be set as follows:

It is certified that Ahmad Ahmadi has been studying at this institute in …………….. and it is agreed with his leave from ……… to ……… .. It is obvious that after finishing the time, this person should be present in this school to complete it.

Completing forms

  • Individual and family information forms for each applicant separately must be completed and signed by the passenger.

Financial documents

  • A clearance letter from the bank which is stamped by the bank’s international affairs, plus a six-month turnover statement indicating applicant’s salary. (Note that the time of the financial clearance is one month.)
  • Certificate of long-term deposit.
  • Lease of the property that you have rented.
  • Translation of the car document if (your car worth more than 100 million Toman).
  • Explanation: The time of the financial clearance and account turnover is one month.

Property documents

  • A building, land or garden document belongs to the applicant.


  • Certificate of employment on the company’s header (including start date, job title and salary and annual benefits, direct manager’s name and agreed leave period)
  • The last 3 months salary card
  • HR letter


  • Advertisement of company creation and changes in the official newspaper
  • Last paid tax list
  • Clearance letter from the bank of the company
  • Micro-print from last 6 months (English and sealed by bank)


  • Translate the business card
  • Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce
  • Last paid tax list
  • Insurance payment list


  • Licenses for the office
  • Medical card


  • Engineer license or license for construction


  • Operating license
  • Business license
  • Last paid tax
  • Payment of insurance
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Activities


  • The retirement prescript
  • The last two months of salary card (if salaries are raised, prescription of salary increase should be presented)

Registry office subscription

  • To accompany children who travel without a parent, the subscription must be provided by someone who does not accompany them.
  • All documents must be translated into English and stamped by the official translator.
  • It is necessary to hand in the personal and family forms together with the documents.

Canada visa fee table

Type of serviceAdultsLess than 14Definitions
Tourist Visa (Normal)400 dollars350 dollarsIf you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted. (Adult only)
Tourist visa with official invitation700 dollars650 dollarsIn case of non-issuance of a visa, the amount of 400 dollars is deducted and the rest will be refunded.
Super Visa (Parents Special)400 dollars——–If you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted.
Student Visa550 dollars——–The rate does not include admission from the university, and admission will have a separate rate.
(Visa services are provided through our offices outside Canada)

The things we do for you

  • Review your documents and report possible deficiencies and eventually complete them
  • Completion of personal and family forms as well as other required forms (according to the traveler’s requirements)
  • Prepare a tourist invitation from Canada with stamp + NOTARY of Travel Plan
  • Official hotel voucher (can be contacted by the embassy)
  • Deposit $ 185 for embassy fees
  • Flight booking to Canada
  • Travel insurance

ویزای کانادا

When does the embassy respond?

Typically, after you submit us the translated documents, it takes a week to review your documents, make a formal hotel reservation and book your flight, and send all documents online to the Embassy. At the end of the week, we will send you a sheet with biometric.

Since the issuance of a biometric sheet, you will have an opportunity to go to Ankara, Istanbul, Dubai or Armenia to take fingerprints at the agent office in Canada embassy.

Of course, we advise applicants to travel to Ankara, because the Canada embassy in Ankara is considered to be the biggest embassy and all of the final investigation and monitoring of the cases are done there, and on the other hand, Sahel Ghasht Company in Ankara with plenty of experience, will be the best option to support and accompany you for the administrative operations.

After fingerprinting and taking pictures, you will return to Iran and wait 1.5 to 2 months for the embassy’s response.

On average, it takes about 2 months from the beginning of the translation of the documents to the declaration of the embassy. This period will have a direct link to the volume of files in the Canada embassy and can be reduced or increased.

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