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If you are planning to travel to Canada, and have a relative in Canada, you can get the invitation of them to Canada; and if you do not have any, you can receive a formal tourist invitation to visit Canada from Soltan Travel. The Canadian invitation will strengthen your records, because the officer knows that the invitation is the same as your support in terms of the ability to pay your accommodation during your trip to Canada.

In addition, if you wanna receive a tourist visa and when you arrive in Canada, if the Border Officer (BSO Officer) asks you for what reason you have come to Canada, a valid invitation will largely clarify your situation and will prevent asking questions and any possible hardship.

On the other hand, you must be aware that if your invitee in Canada is your relative, he/she must have an “invitee” in accordance with the immigration regulations, such as a defined income-defined job, and thus provides proof of payment Pay your Tax annually. He/she should also be able to arrange the text of the invitation in such a way as to declare factors such as the time of arrival and departure, the relationship, the address of the place of residence, the residence documents and other matters of interest to the Immigration Board.

In invitations provided by Soltan Travel (under the authority of the OPC Government of Canada), which are issued with a notary stamp, there are also “invitees” supported items, including accommodation (hotel) – meal – insurance – transfer – tour guide for the “invitee” during the stay.

It must be mentioned that you, as a Canadian tourist visa applicant, must at the time of submitting the application, be financially able to cover the amount approved by the Immigration Board in accordance with the Financial Planning Table, and, if you obtain a Canadian visa at your arrival in Canada, your travel expenses will be covered by the travel budget.

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In either case, you must make sure the Immigration Officer about following items:

  • Why are you traveling to Canada?
  • Will you leave Canada in the visa waiver? (Effective material and spiritual factors are important in this field).
  • During the time that you are in Canada, are you financially able to cover the costs of accommodation, feed, transfer, etc.?


Usually, the invitation answers these questions to a large extent.

Sometimes it is asked whether the invitation should be endorsed and stamped by notary? Or should the text of the invitation be made by a lawyer?

In response, it should be said that the eeal of notary would be a good sign for the officer, since the notary usually, in addition to a special seal (golden, silver or red), adds an explanation to the invitations, which means the presence of the person and signing in the notary; besides, at no stage in the arrangement of the invitation, there is no need for a lawyer.

Forged and Unreal Invitations

Unfortunately, it has sometimes been seen that opportunist people have forged an invitation to apply for a tourist visa; in fact, this is very dangerous and it can distort your file and even if your visa is issued to you, your immigration file will be disrupted in years to come.

Note that the invitation issued by the Canadian company (touristic) is same with generating revenue for the issuing company; therefore, an invitation from a Canadian company will usually be received at a cost to the dollar, and unfortunately, opportunist individuals to reduce the cost of your visa operation, will forge (Photoshop), and in this way, without spending money, they will benefit you more, because they claim they have also added an invitation from Canada to apply for your visa.

In order to have real invitations, you need to make sure that the process of obtaining is legal, and then affix it to your document; the Canadian Soltan Travel Agency, in order to prevent such abuse, and to ensure that customers receive the correct invitation, has a link on the site with the title of “Checking the validity of the Canadian invitation” .You can go to the link at, and make sure that your invitation isn’t forged.

How much does invitations matter to my visa process?

Generally , a tourist invitation is not included in the Canadian Immigration Register’s list of documents, and it is stated that if your invitee is of your relatives or acquaintances and will guarantee your expenses during your accomodation in Canada, you can present their documents. Otherwise, you will be asked to provide a valid roundtrip tickets, and hotel vouchers.

But, please note that when reviewing your visa application, there are non-binding rules that act as evidence, and affect officer’s conclusion, for example, in the laws or documents required for a Canadian tourist visa, the travel condition to the countries of the Schengen area have not been included, but many applicants have been rejected despite the completeness of their documents, just simply because they did not have Schengen visas.

Therefore, the mere fact that a tourist invitation is not included in the list of documents issued by the Immigration Office, does not diminish its importance.

Is Invitations enough for Visa? What should be done to minimize the possibility of rejecting?

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your invitation is verified, that it is very easy about the invitation of relatives and acquaintances, because you have close relationship with them; but in case of the tourist visas that must be issued through Canadian companies, it will not be easy to investigate, because in the form of cases, an action is being taken to provide the Embassy online, and an invitation from Canada is posted online and added to your documents. As you can see in above section, you can visit the website and check the “Check the validity of the Canadian invitation” section to make sure your invitation is issued.
  • The second thing you need to do is to ensure the completeness of the documents you need to submit to the embassy; if you have an invitation from relatives, (according to the Migration Board’s financial table), it‘s not very determinative, and the emotional relationship of you two and his commitment to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada, will be sufficient for Officers. However, if your invitation is issued by Canadian (tourist) company, due to lack of emotional relationship, it is necessary to provide all necessary documents in full. The main qualifications for your visa, are immovable property, defined occupation, and history of your international trips, as described in details in the “Canadian Tourism Visa” section.
  • The third step is to provide your documents properly. Unfortunately, in many cases, it has been seen that the applicants, despite having full documentation, and the Canadian invitations (Valid Tourist Invitation from Canada), have ruined their file , solely due to the transfer of executive operations to inexperienced individuals, for example, the person who was supposed to perform the upload operation for the applicant, due to lack of experience, has misplaced the business documents, such as the legal deposit, in the financial sector rather than in the business sector, or In the travel documents section, make a passport, regardless of the priority or delay of valid visas (eg Schengen), on a regular basis, from page 1 to the end, and this is boring for Officer, the amount of time that officer is assigned to check each file is very small, Therefore, the way documents are presented is referred to non-written rules that inexperienced people are unaware of.

In invitations sent from Soltan Travel (under the authority of the OPC of the Government of Canada) that are issued with a Notary stamp, cases which support the “invited person” include accommodation (hotel), meal, insurance, transfer, tour guide, etc. is committed during the residence.

You must also note that as a “Canadian touristic visa” applicant, at the time of prosecution and submitting your credentials, be financially able to cover the amount which is accepted by the immigration office in accordance with the “Financial Compliance Scheme”, in addition, if you obtain a Canadian visa and at the time of entering in Canada, your travel expenses cover the travel budget.

Canada visa fee table

Type of serviceAdultsLess than 14Definitions
Tourist Visa (Normal)400 dollars350 dollarsIf you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted. (Adult only)
Tourist visa with official invitation700 dollars650 dollarsIn case of non-issuance of a visa, the amount of 400 dollars is deducted and the rest will be refunded.
Super Visa (Parents Special)400 dollars——–If you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted.
Student Visa550 dollars——–The rate does not include admission from the university, and admission will have a separate rate.
(Visa services are provided through our offices outside Canada)

The things we do for you

  • Review your documents and report possible deficiencies and eventually complete them
  • Completion of personal and family forms as well as other required forms (according to the traveler’s requirements)
  • Prepare a tourist invitation from Canada with stamp + NOTARY of Travel Plan
  • Official hotel voucher (can be contacted by the embassy)
  • Deposit $ 185 for embassy fees
  • Flight booking to Canada
  • Travel insurance

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