Canada Student Visa

A complete list of required qualifications for the Canada Student Visa Identity Documents

Identity Documents

  • The original signed passport and old passports
  • One piece of color photo 5/5 x 4/5 with bright background (personnel)
  • Identity card
  • National card
  • Marriage certificate if you are married

Completing forms

  • Individual and family information form

Financial documents

  • A clearance letter from the bank which is stamped by the bank’s international affairs, plus a six-month turnover statement indicating your financial strength.
  • Certificate of long-term deposit
  • Car document and lease of the property that you have rented.
  • Provide job and financial documents and parental documents for child support if the child does not have the ability to support himself / herself.
  • Explanation: The time of the financial clearance and account turnover is one month.

Property documents

  • A building, land or garden document belongs to the applicant.

Work experience

  • If you already have a work experience, you need to provide the relevant documents with the start date, the title of the job and the annual salary and benefits, the direct manager’s name and the insurance record.

Educational documents

  • Last educational certificate
  • Grades for the last degree
  • Letter of acceptance from the Canadian University
  • Language proficiency (in accordance with university requirements)
  • Provide location information in Canada
  • All documents must be translated into English and stamped by the official translator.
  • It is necessary to hand in the personal and family forms together with the documents.

More than 125,000 foreign applicants annually apply for a degree to continue their studies at universities, colleges and schools in Canada. You can study for free under Canadian law if you have a permanent residence or a Canadian passport, otherwise you can only study in courses of less than 6 months for free and, if you study, you must also pay for education at higher education institutions.

You need to be careful that the first step in obtaining a student’s license is to take an admission from a Canadian training center, later steps will done after you receive an admission.

– Please note that you will not be able to enter Canada only by getting an acceptance from a training center, but only it makes the purpose of applying for a visa to enter Canada clear for an officer checking the case and the immigration officer will pay attention to other matters. Including:

  • Do you have the ability to pay scholarships?

If you are a scholarship, all or part of the tuition fees will be provided.

  • Will you leave Canada after graduation?

In this regard, family or financial affiliations will be effective in your residence country.

  • Are you familiar with English (or French) language?

Usually IELTS or TOEFL tests are effective.

  • Are the courses you are applying are related to your past education?

Your degree in diploma or bachelor must be in line with the degree you apply for, for example, if you have a bachelor of architecture, you should apply for a master’s degree in the field of interior design.

  • At what grade did you apply?

Lower than diploma, associate degree, bachelor, masters or …

  • To what extent the institution that accepts you is valid?

The institution is located in which part of Canada, and this institution is private or public.

Important points:

  • Can I work while studying in Canada?

All foreign students can work part time by 20 hours per week. Of course, this can be a full-time in university holiday season.

  • Can I immigrate to Canada with a student visa?

Student visas are not meant to be immigrants, but you can apply for work and stay permanently when you continue studying and, in fact, passing educational grade.

Canada’s top universities

There are many valid universities in Canada, but 13 universities are considered to be the best in terms of teaching quality and standards of Canada. These 13 universities systematically collaborate with each other. The name of this group of university is “G13” and, given the fact that they are of the most recognized universities, admittance can play an important role in obtaining a student visa.

University NameUniversity LocationFoundation Year
University of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta1908
University of British ColumbiaVancouver, British Columbia1908
University of CalgaryCalgary, Alberta1966
Dalhousie UniversityHalifax, Nova Scotia1818
Université LavalQuébec City, Québec1663
McGill UniversityMontréal, Québec1821
McMaster UniversityHamilton, Ontario1887
Université de MontréalMontréal, Québec1878
University of OttawaOttawa, Ontario1848
Queen’s UniversityKingston, Ontario1841
University of TorontoToronto, Ontario1827
University of WaterlooWaterloo, Ontario1957
University of Western OntarioLondon, Ontario1878

Canada visa fee table

Type of serviceAdultsLess than 14Definitions
Tourist Visa (Normal)400 dollars350 dollarsIf you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted. (Adult only)
Tourist visa with official invitation700 dollars650 dollarsIn case of non-issuance of a visa, the amount of 400 dollars is deducted and the rest will be refunded.
Super Visa (Parents Special)400 dollars——–If you do not need fingerprinting, $ 50 will be subtracted.
Student Visa550 dollars——–The rate does not include admission from the university, and admission will have a separate rate.
(Visa services are provided through our offices outside Canada)

The things we do for you

  • Review your documents and report possible deficiencies and eventually complete them
  • Completion of personal and family forms as well as other required forms (according to the traveler’s requirements)
  • Prepare a tourist invitation from Canada with stamp + NOTARY of Travel Plan
  • Official hotel voucher (can be contacted by the embassy)
  • Deposit $ 185 for embassy fees
  • Flight booking to Canada
  • Travel insurance

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